Corel Digital Studio 2010

Corel Digital Studio 2010

I own Corel 2010 Digital Studios 2010: You have to update service pack for Digital Studios, which is by itself. Then for the WINDVD – which is part of the program, one had to download another updated patch. Service Patch 3 is supposed to fix the issue altogether, if that fails, you would need to contact via Corel Live Chat or via Corel email – and obtain the Corel’s removal system and reinstall Corel, and they will provide you the link plus instructions to download directly to the right patches. The chances are – you would be asked to download the 2 patches and save it; before the removal of the Corel. There is a high chances that REMOTE ASSISTANCE would be needed; and by all means – do permit CITRIX to be used so they can work with you in order to get COREL to function in your computer and test it. Once this has been done, you can remove CITRIX out of the add/remove if you want to (Microsoft also uses this Remote Assistance as well as other Programs, but personally, I remove it because I don’t like having that in my system even though I have used LIVE CHAT for Tech Support when I used to assist individuals with Windows, OS, and Programs via Remote Assistance a long time ago.)

I strongly recommend this, as there have been individuals who have had some difficulties; but this is easily resolved if you permit Corel to do this. If you are an Advanced User and above, then you would know what I am in reference to, with the chances are, you already have such program(s) in your OS that you can remove Corel out – but first make sure you have downloaded the patches from Corel.

If you have NOT installed COREL DIGITAL STUDIOS YET —> download all required patches first, install, then install each patch and reboot your computer after each patch, (ignore any errors that comes up), and install the next patch. You will need to download the Corel Digital Studios 2010 and the WINDVD – which are found in two locations at Corel’s website which is located in the SUPPORT section of COREL’s website.

Hope this information is of assistance